Sunday, March 16, 2014

Port Arthur to Maria Island

Wednesday - 26/02/2014
We got ready at first light and waited for enough light so I could see the anchor chain as I had to use the hand lever to manually haul in 45 metres of chain and the anchor, certainly warms you up on a cool morning. We motored out of the bay and passed the Island of the Dead I tipped my hat and wished them farewell. The seas ahead looked a little lumpy but not too bad. We left the entrance and set a course to clear Tasman Island, and what beauty it has. It made me wonder how many sailors have passed this island without noticing her beauty, you may think that that is a strange thought. However, consider this point in the ocean can cause havoc  to sailor and vessel in many times of heavy wind and seas. Tasmania has a wonderful coastline so many different variations but very beautiful.
(Looking back towards Port Arthur and Cape Raoul)
(Approaching Tasman Island)
(Tasman Island)

As we neared Tasman Island another island approached, at least that is what it looked like at first, I checked the chart but no island noted then as we neared it and it came out of the mist it was a floating island one very large tourist ship. Then as we passed at a good distance I noticed a fishing boat of the point of Tasman Island so I altered course to avoid it.
(Passenger ship)

(Rock formations on mainland and right Tasman Island)
(Tasman Island)
(Cathedral Rock)

We then rounded the point of Tasman Island and looked on this great sight, the seas now calmer as we went with the waves north. The winds now from the SSW dropped away as we passed high land form and bullets out as we crossed the low land forms so it was a bit of motor sailing and some sailing. I know I may repeat myself but the coastline is very beautiful there is something of attraction all the way along this coastline, I suppose I can say this for nearly all of Australia, but I think the mountainous country with the green of massive trees with small farm properties mixed in along with some rock formations really stand out. 
(We had a few storm cells around us along the way)
We arrived at Maria Island at the Chinamans Bay anchorage, there were two other yachts anchored that had the better sheltered area so we dropped anchor behind them. This gave us all protection from the westerly wind that was in full force, however, the wind waves tended to come up the channel from a south westerly direction which I think is caused by the land form of Marion Bay and Cape Bernier south end of the passage. Be that as it may the anchorage was tolerable and we had a relaxing afternoon as we arrived at 1410 hours we had a nice dinner and a reasonable early night as tomorrow we head for Wineglass Bay.
(Chinamans Bay, Maria Island)

(The end of another day)


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