Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wary Bay - Bigge Island - Wandjina Rock Art


We sailed at first light for Wary Bay, Bigge Island as our plan was to stop there go ashore to look at the rock art and then head down to the area of Rainforest Ravine as Wary Bay is not a good overnight anchorage. Most of the areas we have sailed so far have been in gulfs and bays that are quite well protected from open seas from now on we have the open seas from the west through to the north with the exception of a few areas like the Prince Regent River and the Horizontal Falls, therefore we will suffer some of the swell from these directions.

Wary Bay was incredible the caves themselves are very attractive and the art works of the Wandjina Aborigines are very good although some are fading badly.

(The rock wall of caves)



When we first came ashore I said to Nancy it looks like someone has been here recently as I could see tracks in the sand above the high water mark. When we were returning to the dinghy we noticed that the tracks I had seen were not human they were turtles that had come ashore to make a nest and lay eggs. There were two fresh nests and four or five more that had been made previously.



The anchorage is easy to find and on a clear day it is possible to see the rocky outcrop closer to the beach anchor off the beach at a safe distance from the rocky outcrops. There are rocks all around the bay so be careful. We anchored in 10 metres of water.


Coming from the North-
(1) 14⁰ 27.228'S - 125⁰ 08.546'E
(2) 14⁰ 28.066'S - 125⁰ 08.675'E (This is where we anchored)
(The bay from ashore we are anchored near centre)

York Sound

After returning on board we got underway we had quite a few miles to go before we would find a suitable anchorage for the conditions that may occur if the weather forecast is correct. We were heading for York Sound in the area of Rainforest Ravine although we had decided not to enter the Ravine as friends had warned us not to go in there alone due to the tides that run very fast and drop in height suddenly.
As we sailed south of Bigge Island we could see two other sailing vessels in the distance ahead of us that appeared to be heading to the same place. When we entered the waterway east of Kartja Island we expected to see a lot of Pearl Farm strings as the charts indicate that they are spread throughout, this proved wrong there was not a single string. With the forecast in mind we searched for a good anchorage as there had been a strong wind warning for the area. We saw where the other two yachts had anchored and noticed that they were bobbing up and down with the swell so we decided to anchor in the southern bay well protected from south through to north west winds. We are now getting the NW sea breeze in the afternoons, west to north west  will be the prominent sea breeze direction from now on until we get south. Although we took these precautions the winds became variable and at one stage we got NE winds that gave us a little slop but it did not last long. We had a good night sleep and was up at first light as normal.


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