Monday, July 7, 2014

Boat Works - Where we hauled out

Boat Works was recommended to us by some of our friends that spent quite some time on the hard at this facility having some major works done to their boats and routine maintenance and we are not sorry that we went to this facility.
(Flagship Marine Service - Boat Works)
(One of the rows of sheds in the yard)
 (The sea lift getting in place to take us out)
(Lifting us out and getting a pressure wash)

The boat yard is huge and clean all concrete and well drained into a treatment pit, the staff are very friendly and helpful. The place caters for live a board people to the fact that they have just opened a newly constructed live a board ensuites that are very spacious shower vanity and toilet, combined with this is a laundry with washing machine and drier. I believe there will be a coffee shop opening soon. At present there is a food van that comes around 1000 hours and 1200 hours on week days.
(Live a board ensuites)

There are many trade contractors within the area to meet every need whether major or minor works, the outside hard stand area is large and this is surrounded by many work sheds if undercover work is required such as spray painting, sand blasting or other needs where cover is required.
Lifting in and out is done by two methods, the standard ship lift via slings or the sea lift which is a cushioned unit that easily and safely lift catamarans under the bridge deck.
(The Sea Lift in operation)
It is possible to do your own work or you can use some of the many services available.
All of this for very reasonable rates, at the time we were there they had specials running and I believe they have been running for quite some time, we had a lot of work to do plus as I get older it takes me a little longer to do the work so we opted for the seven day special, pay for seven days and get the next seven days free. I believe the other special was haul out on Thursday go back in Monday and the weekend is free. But that is not all, there standard rate is also very attractive, their charge per day for my 12.6m catamaran was $11 cheaper than I paid at Mackay two years ago. As the advert on the tele used to say but that's not all. Because we are members of the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club we also got 10% discount on all charges.
Boat Works also have a courtesy car that you can book for a three hour per time limit free of any charges, with the exception of asking a donation to help pay for the fuel. I put $20 worth of fuel in it although I only used a small amount but the use of the vehicle was good for us and that is cheap.
(The ladies - A business is only as good as its front line staff because they are the ones dealing with the customer, all the staff are friendly and make you feel at home, thanks ladies)
 (These are also some of the front line staff that make you feel welcome and provide a good service, thanks guys)

 (All work finished)

(Ready to go)

 Getting ready to go back to the water, the guys are making sure all areas are supported)

(I am smiling because the work is done)

So I say thanks to Boat Works, it is great to see a smart business that is giving good service at a competitive price that also results in good business for them as the yard is nearly always full of boats, I think one of the boys told me June is usually a quiet month yet they had 130 boat movements for the month, that's good business.
 (Take me to the waves mate)

(Back to the water)


On site is Marine Trade Supplies, John Lance is a nice bloke that will get items you need if it is not already there in stock. John tells me that occasionally a customer will tell him that he buy some items cheaper at Bunning's, John's reply is that he only stocks good quality items that will do the job. John has a good supply of goods there and it is on site not far to travel only a short walk from the boat. John is very helpful and has good knowledge on boats.
 (Marine Trade Supplies)

 Check it out.      or
I would recommend these two businesses to anyone.

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