Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Plan 'A'

Our voyage will commence from Brisbane around the end of April and we will slowly sail through to Mackay stopping at some places on the way passing through the Great Sandy Straits. We will haul out at Mackay and clean and paint the hulls and a few other maintenance items before continuing up to the many islands of the Cumberland and Whitsunday's. We will leave this area around the end of August to attend the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club weekend at Gloucester Passage on completion of that we will head up the coast again stopping here and there through to Townsville, Cairns, Cooktown Lizard Island which will be similar to last years journey. From Lizard we start our new challenge of going up to Cape York around to the Top End and across the Gulf of Carpentaria to Gove then onto Darwin where we will hold up for the cyclone season.

When the cyclone season is over we will head to the Kimberly's and will probably spend some time around this area keeping in mind water, fuel and food supplies as this will be the motivation to move on as we start running out of supplies.

The challenges we will have in these northern and western areas are the strong and variation between high and low tides we have to make the tides work for us as they can run upto 8 knots, we can do 8.5 knots flat out under engines alone.

The map below shows the voyage the red being this year Brisbane to Darwin and yellow 2013 could be longer from Darwin to Brisbane.


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