Saturday, March 31, 2012

Manly, Brisbane - 31/03/2012

We are still plodding along getting things ready for sailing at the end of April. The weather is still a bit off with high winds and occasional showers. Nancy still has one doctor's appointment to check the operation on the wrist all looks well at this stage, she also has one more dental appointment to check on her new tooth. She reckons she is smart now that she can smile and does not have a small gap on the side of her mouth.

The only thing I have left to do is pick up new glasses when they arrive and we should be medically sound.

(Early morning light at Manly Harbour)

I have been given lots of information regarding our circumnavigation of Oz, thanks to Jan and Arnie, Reinhard and Steve and Liz who have supplied lots of helpful sailing guides, this has given me a load to study. We are also going to meet with other friends who have personally sailed in the waters we are going to with special reference to the Kimberly's as there is a lot of uncharted waters around there.

The research is interesting because you learn about places, anchorages and what there is to see at the different anchorages. The big thing in the top end and around the west is the high difference in tides and the strength of the tide flows where one has to use them to ones advantage as I have said before.

Some yachts have already started to move north but I still prefer to wait until the sea temperature drops a little more and those cyclones are well out of season. The sea temperature has dropped some here at Brisbane it is now below the 26.5⁰C but it is still higher than that a little further north. Cyclone activity is still around with one cyclone well of the Qld coast the other day and moving on to New Caledonia's area.

Most of the yachts that are heading out at the moment are heading to Darwin by June/July to join the rally over to Indonesia which for most will leave the rally after the first port of call as this makes for easier and cheaper entry into the Indonesian cruising waters once past that hurdle they are free to do their own thing.

So that's where we are at present nothing really exciting other than some fun socialising.


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