Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kauri Creek to Garrys' Anchorage - 27/04/2012

When we left Wide Bay yesterday we had a funny experience when we were trying to weigh anchor the boat seemed to be going in circles, I was at the anchor and Nancy was on the helm, being a bloke I asked her what she was doing to cause it. Naturally Nancy fired back saying it was not her. We got the anchor up and went across the bar and when we went to anchor at Kauri Creek we started to do the same.

(Good morning from Kauri Creek)

After we had anchored I started to check the new gear box and found that it was stuck in the ahead gear and started to think the worst but being tired decided to leave it until today. So this morning first job was to check out what was the problem and found it to be very simple. The split pin that holds the control had broken and dropped out when the we had the engine in the ahead position, I was very pleased.

We had to wait for near high tide to leave Kauri Creek there is a section that is very shallow near the entrance (see chart below). There are strong wind warnings that have been issued so we have decided to move up to Garry's Anchorage for a couple of days.
(Kauri Creek is a little tricky for any vessel that has some draft, we draw 1.4 metres and we cannot go in on a low tide the shallow is at the first port marker, give it a wide berth like shown on the chart above)

We motored out of Kauri Creek at 1030 hours and as soon as we left we unfurled the genoa and shut down the engines, the wind was light but going with the tide we averaged 5 knots. Once we arrived at Garry's we found a suitable place to anchor and dropped the pick. We have internet coverage so we are getting up to date with our notes.

We have been in contact with friends Rick and Michelle on 'Neriki' who we met last year, they had some bad luck during the summer months as they were hit by lightening and it blew all the electrics in their boat and all had to be replaced. They had sailed from their place in the Great Sandy Straits the same day we left Brisbane. So we will be catching up with them as we go north.

So we  will stay here for the strong wind days before moving north.
28/04/2012 At Garrys Anchorage and this is what we see today.

(Liquid sunshine at Garrys Anchorage)


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