Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Manly Harbour, Brisbane - 03/04/2012

Well we have had a little hurdle thrown in front of us for our planned circumnavigation. We are intending to spend the wet season in Darwin, and yes some may think we are mad for that. However, the hurdle is that it is not that easy to get into a marina which we need to do for protection. The Tipperary Marina has a maximum allowable width of 6 metres and we are 6.93 metres so that rules that out. The Cullen Bay marina does not have space for us which leaves the Bayview Marina who have put us on a waiting list as they have a policy of not taking permanent bookings until a month prior to arrival. I can understand that as many yachts make bookings at marinas and do not turn up at times. May I say the Bayview have been sympathetic towards what we need and have got us on the list and it may all be well but we cannot confirm at this point in time.

So we have to hope that we can get a booking a month prior and that others have not got in before us. This is one problem owning a catamaran there are fewer berths for them because we take up more space and catamarans are getting very popular.

We will try and book a berth at Bayview when we get to Cairns and if we cannot get in at Darwin we will spend the wet in Cairns. One other problem is that I was so confident that we would be alright in Darwin I have already booked and paid for Nancy to fly out of Darwin for a couple of weeks to get her Grandchildren fix. Booking early to get the cheap flights, well if we don't get there then we pay a little extra for her to fly out of Cairns.

The reason we want to spend the wet in Darwin is that after the wet all the waterfalls will be flowing very well around the Kimberly's so we would see it at its best.

If this fails we stay at Cairns until end of April then head to Darwin and have a shorter stay there, we will see what pans out.


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