Friday, April 20, 2012

Alice Springs - 12 to 17/04/2012

No we did not sail to Alice Springs we went by aircraft. The main reason for this was my mother's 90th Birthday party which was held on the Saturday before her actual birthday.

My Mother and sister live in the Alice and I used to live there. I first went to the Alice after leaving the navy, many people would ask how come I went to the Alice so far from the water? I always replied that I carried an oar over my shoulder and kept moving inland until someone asked what it was and there I stayed. This is not true fact, I had been to the Alice on holiday two years prior to leaving the navy and liked the community. That was back in 1974 when the population was around 10,000 now it is around three times that.

(Macdonald Ranges from Flynn's Grave)

(John Flynn's Grave)
(The stone on Flynn's grave was echanged in 1992 as the original came from Devils Marbles a sacred aboriginal site)
My sister and brother-in-law visited and liked it just as I was moving  on and they liked it so they moved there and I moved away in 1987, not because they moved there I had planned to move well before they decided to go there. After Dad died Mum moved up to the Alice.

The red centre is still spectacular with its rugged looks and bright colours. It is a great place to tour around. At times it is the red centre and occasionally with wet years turns the countryside green.

(Yours truly with Mother Joan and Sister Jeanne)

Many friends travelled to Mum's party coming from Tasmania, Adelaide and Darwin we did not do a head count but it was rather busy with many people coming in from the Old Timer's Village where Mum has her cottage. It was a great time had by all and Mum was quite tired by the end of the day.

(Good friends L-R, Michael, Rhys, me and Frank)
We spent the few days catching up with relatives and friends and it was great to do so as we had not seen each other for some years. The good part about true friends is that although you do not see each other for years after the first greeting and handshake or kiss depending on male or female we start to talk and it is as though we only saw each other yesterday, that's true friendship.

Well we are now back on 'Alana Rose' and preparing for the voyage that will start after Anzac Day march.

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