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Mackay - 31/05/2012

Curlew Island and onto Mackay
(Anchored at Curlew Island, the bullets of wind come through that gap by the bluff, this accelerates wind speed, if it is really bad from the south sometimes the best place to anchor is closer to the bluff)
(The guide books identify the best anchorage is as close to shore that is safe for your draft and just at the end of the rocks at the beach, this gives the maximum relief for any swell that sneaks in and better protection from the winds)

(Chart of Curlew Island showing the recommended anchorage, take note of the sand bar out from the island)

(The track I took through the shoals, it was near low tide and the shallowest water was 6 metres and not turbulant considering the seas we had, I crossed the shoals at their deepest areas. Note my previous comments regarding that the electronic charts were 200 metres out. I regard to paper charts these above (blue, white and grey are GEOD 66, the white, blue, green and yellow coloured charts are WGS 84 or better, adjustments have to be made when reading a GPS set on WGS 84 when you are using GEOD 66 charts).

(Our track taken from Curlew Island to Mackay)

Tuesday 29/05/2012

Well after sorting out that we will haul out here after all I have to get all the gear organised because I had not bothered as I thought it would be later in the year before we did this work.

I should only have to give the hull a light sand as the diver in Brisbane stated that the antifouling paint has another year before I really need to do anything, so I figure that the Altex 3000 antifouling that I used last year is a good product and if I give it a light sand after a pressure wash I can put another two coats over the top and that should last us at least two years which will give us the time to go around Australia without having to haul out along the way.

Last night we went out for dinner at the steak place next to the pub with Rick and Michelle, we were all bushed from the long night awake and a hard two days sail and no one wanted to cook. It was a good night and we had a good sleep afterwards.

This morning we were waiting for a phone call from Rick he was meeting with the blokes in the shipyard to decide whether to haul out with the windy conditions, my thoughts were that the wind was a little strong. Rick finally phoned to say that the yard had left the decision to him about hauling out. I found that a little odd and I said that to Rick, in past years the ship lift operator would not let you haul out  in winds above 15-20 knots because the wind pushes on the stern and side of the boat when they are trying to settle it in the lift.

Apparently the new rules is that it is the boat owners decision therefore if it goes pear shape it's the owners fault. Rick and I went to have a look at the ship lift area to see what wind is blowing there and what affects it would have. The wind was not too bad at that stage and I said to Rick we could bring the boat around and see what it is like before you fully commit to going in the travel lift area. I asked the travel lift operator if he would have the forward sling in a position to stop the boat going too far forward towards the sea wall and he said he would.

So we went back to Rick's boat and got ready to haul out, we got underway and lined up the opening of the travel lift bay and I think the wind assisted us in our movement forward because we went in quite quickly. The travel lift area has pontoons each side now which makes it a little easier and it stops the boats hitting the pylons they did not have those last year. 'Neriki' was hauled out and placed on the hard. Rick asked when I was going to haul out and I told him Friday less wind and we may get better weather.

I went back on board our boat and made a few phone calls regarding paint and items required. Rick had asked if I was going to purchase the paint through the contractor he was using to do some work as he had offered to get everything Rick needed. I said I would get some prices first.

I contacted the Altex dealer here in Mackay and asked if he had the Altex 3000 in stock and at what prices. The agent Paul Curson said that he had plenty and the price was $420.55 per 10 litre tin and $159.95 per 4 litre tin. I had been quoted around $450 for the 10 litre elsewhere. I told Paul I would be there the next day for the paint one 10 litre and two 4 litre tins.

I went to see Rick after and the price he was given by his contractor was quite an amount above that. I think the price surprised Rick.

When we first arrived we met other sailing friends that were sheltering here from the weather some crews that were in Island Head Creek with us and Julie and Simon off 'Goodonya' who have been tracking us up the coast, they said they tried to call us on the radio but we did not hear them.

So we ended up having sundowners with them on their yacht, and a good time was had by all, I think we poured ourselves home. We had not seen Julie and Simon since last year, they are a nice couple and we always have fun. They got held up this year as their boat got damaged by a boat that was alongside them in the marina. The hot water service blew up from overheating and high pressure build up of steam, they were lucky they did not get injured. Apparently the boat that had the problem had been sunk at one time and this bloke bought it after it was refloated and had renovated the boat throughout with the exception of the hot water service, no doubt that the safety pressure relief valve did not work due to corrosion after being submersed when it sank. All the renovations of the boat were also destroyed by what Simon has told me.

Wednesday 30/05/2012

We had organised the marina hire car for the morning. The marina has two Holden station wagons that they hire out at $39 for half day and $78 for all day, you can get cheaper all day prices with other car hire firms but the half day is very attractive.

We set off as soon as we got the car and headed for the Altex agent. Paul was very obliging person and I would recommend him for your Altex products wherever you are. He sells the products to everyone at trade price. The average sailor off the docks can get the products the same price from him as what the contractors and other businesses do.

Not only that he said we need not have hired a car, he said he would have delivered the order if we had phoned it through at no cost, he said he often goes the shipyard after a person has contacted him to have a look at the boats and give advice on what is required. He has also told us that if we need any paint wherever we are just phone him and he will ship it to us at the same trade price. He also added that if we are in a port that has another Altex agent to still ring him first and he will contact the agent and get the paint at his price. He also supplied me with a paint gauge so I get the right thickness of paint on the hulls because it is important. He told me that once the antifouling paint is mixed and put on the hull nearly 50% actually evaporates this is the solvents in the paint, if you put the paint on too thick the outer layer of the paint will dry trapping the solvents below the surface this can lead to blistering and finally the paint peeling off.  So it is also important not to put the second coat on until the required time.

So if anyone wants to purchase Altex paints here is Paul's details.

Altex Coatings, 24 Prospect Street, Mackay QLD 4740. Phone 07 4914 2557, Mob. 0414 248 717


I do not give many businesses a plug in my scribbles but this bloke is worth a mention especially if he can save you and me a few dollars on the paints and products that he sells.

After getting our paint and a few other things from Paul we then went to the good old Bunning's store to by other odds and ends needed, then went to see Dan Murphy who has a great store for the beer, wine and spirits and by the time we finished there it was time to get the car back and get all the gear on board. Once all that was done we went to the local cafe for lunch.

We had a quiet night aboard with the weather being so windy and raining.

Thursday 31/05/2012

Today Nancy did the laundry and I had to repair a pump for the shower and just get things ready for hauling out in the morning. We haul out at 0700 hours all going well so these scribbles will be all you get for a few days, I am hoping to only be out 3 or 4 days, so it will be solid work the whole time we are out.


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