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Prudhoe Island, Kimberley's

Krait Bay to Prudhoe Island - 15/06/2013

We were up and about at first light, I went to bed early and got a good night sleep Nancy did not get to sleep that easy with the rolling of the boat and the noise it made. It was quite pleasant this morning a light wind from the SE with little to no swell now that we are up and about .

We had breakfast and listened to the HF radio for any strong wind warnings in the area but there were none for us. Strong wind warnings is winds of or better than 26 knots, we have been predicted for winds in the 15 - 25 knots.

We got underway just after 0700 hours and as soon as we got out the bay we hoisted the mainsail and set course for Prudhoe Island we had around 13 knots SE wind, unfurled the headsail started the little generator and shut down the engines. The batteries needed topping up and since we did not need the engines we use the little petrol generator.

As we crossed the bay you could see the wind coming to us as the white horses developed as the wind came it only reached about 18 knots which kicked the seas up at about 1 to 1.2 metres not uncomfortable and we sailed quite well on a beam reach.
(Chart shows us half way across Montague Sound, there are many islands and care has to be taken as the chart indicates either inadequately surveyed or unsurveyed areas)
I had the trolling line out as we did yesterday even though at times we were going too fast for it to do any good. All I have caught for days is seaweed, it is floating everywhere. It is annoying when you hear the reel rip away and haul in seaweed.
We arrived at Prudhoe Island at 1140 hours sailing 27NMS. The anchorage is very good we are covered for winds other than SW a very small amount of swell is coming in but very gentle. We may have a relax day tomorrow and stay here.


Anchored as per chart position.
(Chart shows entry from the north, when we left we used the same track and turned to port to clear the headland)


(1) 14⁰ 24.707'S - 125⁰ 14.732⁰E
(2) 14⁰ 25.111'S - 125⁰ 14.702'E
(3) 14⁰ 25.267'S - 125⁰ 14.789'E

Prudhoe Island - 16/06/2013

This place is very nice well protected although we did get a small swell in during the night from a southerly wind but not uncomfortable.
(Prudhoe Island anchorage taken from the climb that we started half way up the hill, 'Alana Rose' a small white boat right of centre)
We could see a cave at the top of one of the hills and thought we may go and see if we could get to it in case there were any rock art there, from the boat it looked easy with some rocks to climb and green grass in places. It was a little different when we got ashore, the green grass is actually very tall and spikes of Spinifex and this hides holes between the rocks. The hill appears to be made up of fallen rocks and some are loose so after getting half way up the hill we abandoned the idea and returned to the dinghy and explored the lower levels.
What we did find in one area to the left of the bay ahead of our anchorage point was crystals, the rocks were full of them and there were many that had broken off laying between the rocks that were being bashed about with the high tides. The rocks in this area appeared to have a lot of iron stone mixed with it.

  (Crystals in the rocks)

(I gave this find to Nancy and she left it behind by accident)

We returned on board after our little expedition and had a relaxing day.
Later in the day a motor catamaran 'Oscarn Blue' came in and anchored nearby and shortly after Stephen the owner came over to say hello. A very nice bloke he said he owns a mooring in Broome and we are welcome to use it when we get there, he is from near Perth and he also gave us some advice of when to sail and where the best place is to start our sail across the bottom. We thanked him and he said we may catch up again on his return.
It was a beautiful night and a wonderful sunset.


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