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Seisia -

Saturday - 13/10/2012

(Seisia anchorsge from the jetty)

We went ashore today after filling the fuel tanks with diesel we took the cans ashore to refill as we reached the shore we were met by Greg, the unofficial harbourmaster, Greg has a large motor charter motor catamaran that does tours and fishing charters. He was interested in our catamaran and said he would like to get one like it in the future. He walked us to the fuel station as we chatted about boats, as we got to the service station he told us that the guy there would drive us back to the fuel ramp a service they provide for all boaties.

We filled the diesel fuel containers (100 litres) at $2:15 per litre and 18 litres of ULP fuel at $2:36 per litre. Just as we were about to go and pay for it a bloke came out to his duel cab ute and asked us if we wanted a lift back to the boat ramp, I went and paid for the fuel after accepting the lift. The chap that gave us the lift was up here fishing from Sydney. After unloading the fuel and storing it we went ashore to do shopping at the supermarket loaded up our back packs and returned to the boat to store away. We then went ashore for a good look around not that there is a great deal to look at but the walk was good.
(Seisia beachfront looking back towards the jetty from near the church)
(In our travels before across Carbbean and the Pacific we found islands having chickens running everywhere, the when we reached Tonga and Fiji it was pigs, here these horses have the run of the place, Millie told us they belong to the boys in town and they have nowhere to hold them so they roam and now they have multiplied)

(We have been worried about crocs, these people have waded out to shoulder deep to get their boat to go fishing, only this morning on the beach at Red Island just opposite the jetty two crocs ahd a fight)
(Boat retrieved from mooring now family goes fishing)
(This is or was a 40 metre Chinese fishing vessel that came to Australia with illegal Chinese immigrants in 1994, Australian Customs intercepted them off Thursday Island, one illegal immigrant jumped overboard and swam to Prince of Wales Island but later gave himself up to Police, they were all deported, my how times change)
(The vessel now makes a good addition to a sunset)

After that we returned on board for lunch this was followed by getting the water containers in the dinghy along with hose and rope, I then dropped Nancy off at the beach with rope and tap/hose fitting and she walked to the end of the wharf, I then positioned the dinghy below the tap and Nancy tied the dinghy to the wharf with the strong tide trying to pull us away. She then lowered the rope  to pull the hose up then turned the tap on and I filled the containers. The tap is a 25mm (1 inch) screw fitting standard tap and very good water pressure, not like what is in the Lucas guide book. The best time to get water this way is at slack tide because the tidal flow is very strong, you can just take the containers ashore and walk to the end of the jetty but it is a long walk with full containers of water 1 litre equals 1 kg.  We completed two water runs which the first filled the tanks and the other to be used to do some washing.

After what we had done today I wondered why I felt tired and my back ached, we achieved quite a lot today.
(Sunset split)
(The sunsets in the gulf are incredible)

We ended the day with dinner aboard and a red wine or two.
(The sun has sunk)

Sunday - 14/10/2012

The main thing for this morning was listen to Macca on Australia All Over on the radio whilst having breakfast and trying to keep the blog updated, it is quite surprising how many hours we spend on this project selecting photos reducing the size and stitching them together.

As Macca finished I brought the washing machine up to the cockpit and started the washing, sheets towels etc. They did not take long to dry with the wind and heat. All this was followed by lunch and a nanna nap.

We ate our last caught fish for dinner and had a quiet night. We heard 'Trinity Bay' (SeaSwift ship) call up the tug that is doing maintenance here. The tug had moved earlier to make room for 'Trinity Bay'. She entered around 2130 hours and went alongside the dock. The skipper did a great job of bringing her alongside.

We had a reasonable early night.

Monday - 15/10/2012

We went ashore just after the shops opened this morning to do a little more shopping as we may leave here tomorrow. After getting the shopping and storing it back on board we went ashore again for a walk and Nancy wanted to buy the cards for the grandchildren, these are obtained from the Campground office tourist shop that offers tourist items and bookings for the different charters and Thursday Island Ferry service and tours. There we met a very pleasant young lady who worked there, Millie, after that we went next door to Freebird arts and crafts which has a good range of artefacts and we talked to the lady there that had a very strong accent. Also on the way we talked to people who were travelling on 'Trinity Bay' the SeaSwift ship, some had got on in Cairns for the up and back trip some were joining the ship here after travelling up by coach. The people that travelled up from Cairns said that it was wonderful, three cooked meals a day if you want it and the best chefs they have experienced. So for those wishing for a short sea voyage with short stops at a few places this is the trip for you. We continued from there for a walk for a bit of exercise. We later went ashore again to the campground to give Millie the cards to post for us.
(Millie looking for a singlet for Nancy)
(Millie with that beautiful smile)
(Freebirds Art and Craft)
(Inside Freebird arts and crafts)

We will be sailing tomorrow to go a little further south to get away from the top end weather that is curling around from the east coast. We may follow 'Scarlett's" path of going down towards Jackson River. So we will be off the air for about four days.

Where things are:

(The map of Seisia)

For visiting yachties the fuel station is a short walk from the boat ramp (leave the dinghy between the two ramps close to the right hand ramp),  walk up from the boat ramp follow the road left passed the jetty the road curves around to the right after that and the service station is dead ahead and the camp ground is on the left. 
(Seisia BP Service Station)
The Seisia Camping Ground is where you will find the tourist items 'T' shirts post cards etc at the campground office where a pretty very polite young lady with a lovely smile will serve you, you can book tours from here also. Next to the office is a kiosk serving food and drinks and on the other side is Freebird Arts and Crafts that has some great artefacts there a very nice lady from Brazil originally is there that does some of the art work but some of the art is from the local people. The Seisia Cap Ground is next to the BP service station)

The supermarket is behind the Seisia Fishing Club so park the dinghy on the beach to the right of the club and walk across the car park and it is just about dead ahead. The supermarket has a good range of items prices are a little higher than Cairns but that is because it has to be double handled and shipped to here via SeaSwift shipping.
 (Seisia Supermarket)

We have not been into Bamaga some 5 kilometres inland which is the major town we got what we needed here without going, the only thing you cannot buy in Seisia is alcohol with exception of across the bar at the Fishermans Club when they open to drink there. You can obtain alcohol at Bamaga in limited amounts and at a expensive price I have been told.
(The rubbish bin is located at the top of the boat ramp, a very smart idea the bin is mounted on a trailer ready to tow away and empty)
(Item of interest, to me anyway, navy survey marker on the beach path between the boat ramp and the fishermans club, more towards the boat ramp)

After tomorrow night we will not have a drink until Gove as we have a dry ship once we sail.

So cheers until Gove.



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