Friday, November 16, 2012

Darwin - looking around

Thursday - 15/11/2012

Today we caught the bus into the city to have a look around the waterfront and wharf areas there has been some significant changes over the years. Stokes Hill Wharf used to be the merchant ship unloading and loading wharf and was used by the Navy Patrol Boats, fishing boats and some small tourist boats  vessels. Today it is used by tourist boats, customs patrol boats and the wharf is filled with eateries, small cafes  and restaurants. On the shores inside Stokes Hill Wharf is the waterfront precinct with wave pool and small protected beach area, the convention centre and high rise accommodation buildings with shops at ground level. Here are a few pictures of our walks.

(Darwin Waterfront Precinct, taken from the lift to the city walkway, small protected beach swimming area a breakwater between it and Stoke Hill Wharf)
(The protected beach and swimming area with gardens and BBQ areas around it)
(The Wave Pool above and below)
(Darwin Waterfront Precinct, taken from the breakwater looking back to the protected beach, Convention Centre on the right, the wave pool is to the left of the convention centre)
(Stokes Hill Wharf taken from the breakwater with Fort Hill Wharf far right that has Customs ship 'Ocean Protector' and HMAS Sydney alongside. We were not allowed on that wharf to have a look)
(Fort Hill Wharf, taken from Stokes Hill Wharf)
(This photo taken from the internet to shop 'Ocean Protector')
(Customs Patrol Boats, 'Hervey Bay' and 'Arnhem Bay' at Stokes Hill Wharf)
(The old pump house is now a Steak and Seafood Restaurant at Stokes Hill Wharf)
(Inside area of Stokes Hill Wharf as we were leaving it is a new moon low tide)
(Above and below the rememberance of the bombing of Darwin 1942, Darwin and northern Australia was bombed over an 18 month period after the first bombing of Darwin, there were more bombs dropped on Darwin than Pearl Harbour)

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