Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kimberley's here we come.

Friday 17/05/2013


No we are not sailing today we are off tomorrow. There is an old seadog superstition regarding starting a transit on Fridays and my wife won't sail on a Friday. We sailed once crossing the Pacific starting on a Friday and we got hit pretty hard by a storm that was not predicted so it is now banned. It's OK to go out for a day sail or a weekend starting on Friday but not a large trip transit. So we go tomorrow on the outgoing tide at 1100 hours. Our first day will take us to Tapa Bay and then over the next two days we will reach Port Keats. This is going to be all new to us so we do not know what to expect.

We are not sure when or where we will be able to update the blog or get any phone or internet service, it may be weeks before you hear from us, there may be a few places in the next couple of days but there will be nothing in the Kimberley's. Our outside communication will be the HF radio for weather etc. I am still trying to carry out adjustment to get sailmail via the HF radio so we can send out emails, no luck so far.


Well very busy yesterday and we will be sailing at 1100 hours today, next time I post on the blog we should have some great pictures.


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