Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Freshwater Bay - Kimberley's -13/06/2013

We had another wonderful sunrise this morning in a beautiful calm anchorage, This anchorage has a large bay but has a rocky ridge around the shore line and that comes out for quite a distance, where we anchored it was 10 metre depth a short distance ahead of us shallowed to 4 then 2 metres very quickly. There was one comment we had on the guide book that stated that holding was better on the right hand side and that is where we anchored. However, our friends that anchored after us anchored on the left side and stated the holding was good there.

Peter and John came over in the dinghy and said that in about one hours time at half tide (tide is coming in), is the best time to go to the falls and there is good fresh water and swimming holes there and a place where boaties burn there paper/cardboard rubbish.

So we started to prepare Nancy made snacks and coffee to take with us, I filled the water tanks with the water containers and put the empties in the dinghy and the rubbish and then we all set off. The inlet to the falls is on the left hand side of the bay where there is a channel in the mangroves, keep to the left had side as you go in until you get near the end where it starts to open out you will see two large rocks below the waterline on the same left side go around into the bay at the falls. Be aware that a large croc does patrol these areas.

John and Barbara were there before us and they helped me secure the dinghy near where the fresh water was flowing so I could fill my containers, once that job was finished John got me to raft up to his dinghy which made life easy for me as I tied to his dinghy and he was secured to the shore.
(John on his tinnie trying to net some fish, the narrow channel leads back to the bay)
(Topping up the water from the fresh stream from the falls)

(Burning the paper and cardboard rubbish)
We all got ashore and got into the water hole, I search for any movement of the big lizard before getting in, this pool is almost level with the sea at the high tide today so I would imagine that one reaches the other on high spring tides. At the high tide today a croc could easily transfer into the waterhole.

(John and Peter first in the water)

(Looking back towards the dinghies and the tide has come in and the water level of the sea is close to entering the first water hole making it easy for the crocs to enter)
Whilst having a swim we talked about what plans we had, I mentioned that we would probably sail in the morning, but first I have to have a look at the anchor winch. I explained the problem and Peter pointed to John and said he used to be in electric motor rewind work. John graciously said he would help if he could. The others were staying for a couple of days they had jobs on their list to do and they wanted to miss the heavier winds approaching. I said that tomorrow is only 15 to 20 knots, it is the next day that has high winds so we might make some miles on the winds.
After the dip and coffee biscuits and cake and burning our rubbish we then headed further up to the next level  waterhole, this pool the croc would not get to, it is a very pretty place and we all had another dip. After the swim we headed back to the dinghies as we reckoned it would be close to high tide.

(Red dragon fly)
We all headed back and said we will catch up at sundowners on 'Tryphena', I asked John if he did not mind when I had the electric motor off the winch I would get him to give his opinion. He said to give him a call.
After lunch I got the winch apart and had a look at the motor the section where the brushes contact looked a little worn. I called John on the radio and he came over, he said we might pull it apart and have a closer look. Once it was apart John said that there is uneven wear and sometimes the brushes miss contact, he cleaned it up with some wet and dry sanding paper and put it back together and it is working again. We thanked John for his help.
At 1630 hours after the weather report we headed over to 'Tryphena' for sundowners and had another enjoyable time with our new found friends. Barbara said that a large gummy shark had been circling their boat all day and just after this it came over to 'Tryphena' doing the same thing. The shark would be around 2 metres long looks lemon in colour, Peter said that is what some people call them lemon sharks.
(Lovely sunset)
Before leaving we said our goodbyes and thanked them for their help then we returned to our boat. After hoisting the dinghy I called Nancy to come out the back the shark had followed us and was going around our boat, it had about three large sucker fish with it they clean the shark of all parasites.
We had dinner and early to bed we planned to leave at first light for Parry Harbour we needed to catch the tail end of the ebbing tide to head around the headland and then pick up the flood tide to head south into Parry Harbour.




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