Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tasmania land time.

We have had two months in the marina at Beauty Point and through some very good people we have had a vehicle to travel and see the inland side, here are some of our experiences, I have done more notes that will follow this and I may repeat myself in those so you will have to put up with that. What we got up to besides work on the boat.

As my last post wished everyone a merry Christmas I thought it would be appropriate to start her.
(Christmas parade at Ulverstone)
(Anne and Glen opening presents)
(Erika and daughter Maddie, Maddie with her new skates)
(Glen with his new thongs, a very nice bloke, thanks for all mate.)
 (Nancy in Anne's kitchen)
(Nigel, Vickie, Anne, Glen, Nancy and yours truly after lunch at Nigel's)
(Nigel and Vickie with Nigel's parents,)
We had a really nice time and all these people made it a fantastic time for us, they are great people.

Travelling around with Glen loaning us a vehicle for the entire time we were in the marina plus Anne and Glen took us on tours and so did Nigel and Vickie.


(Some of the historic buildings in Oatlands)
(Callington Mill at Oatlands opened 1837)

(Chimney sculpture at Oatlands)


(The victors of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 'Victoire' top left, the Switzerland yacht bottom left had the only female skipper in this and the clipper round the world race that they are part of race and a crew that had not done anything like this before)
(With Frank and June, both ex-Navy friends of mine, Frank met June in the Navy and they married and had two lovely daughters. Here at Salamander Markets as part of the Taste of Tassie and the finish of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.)
(Two lovely ladies, Nancy and June at the Taste)
(The Taste of Tasmania, the place was packed it has all types of food, wines and ice cream)
(Relaxing at June and Frank's, this lovely lady has never changed she is still gorgeous)

(New Years Eve with Frank and June and Lucas)

Lemonthyme Lodge and Cradle Mountain

(The tree cabins as we drive in, no they are not physically in a tree, they are among the trees the front at the car park level and the rear on supports on a slope among the trees)
(Our cabin)
(Nancy at the bar inside the lodge)
(Inside the lodge and Nancy on the veranda)
(At around 2000 hours the Paddy Melons come to the lodge grounds for a feed)
(On one of the walks around Lemonthyme Lodge)
(One of the other wild animals in the bush, Oh no it's Nancy)
(Nancy again armed with camera at Dove Lake near Cradle Mountain)
(Lake Dove and Cradle Mountain)
(A little wind picked up causing a few waves, I took this picture at ankle level)
(The Boat Shed Dove Lake)
There are heaps more to show and I may add some photos later when I get to a slow period when I have nothing else to put on the blog. Tasmania is a beautiful place sometimes the weather can be challenging but as Billy Connolly says, "there is no bad weather just bad clothes".


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