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Thursday - 20/03/2014

As we neared Long Bay the wind vanished and the sea glassed out, we entered Sydney Heads and into the harbour, Nancy contacted Janet at RANSA (Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association) to see if we could pop in and say hello, Janet said we could come alongside the dock. RANSA is in Rushcutters Bay , we arrived there and Janet was there to help us tie up, we went inside and had a chat and bought a new burgee. We also dropped some books into their library before leaving.
(One of the outstanding lights on the harbour)
(Passing 'Young Endeavour'  as we enter the harbour)
(Inside RANSA, in my early days in the Navy this used to be HMAS Rushcutter and was used by the clearance divers, still the old shed it used to be makes it unique, Nancy at the exchange book library)
(The 'Coat Hanger', the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the many sea planes in top left there are a number of them around the harbour)

We left there and headed further up the harbour under the coat hanger, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and went on to White Bay where No. ^ dock is where there is a fuel base to top up with fuel.  It is a 24 hour self service, however, although the machine accepts all banking cards if you are not registered with Baileys you have to get the attendant to authorise the sale, we just phoned the number on the machine and he came straight away.
(North side of Garden Island Dockyard and No 1 & 2 mooring buoys, this place used to be packed with naval ships now many of them are stationed around Australia and at the other Garden Island in Western Australia)
(Garden Island Dockyard the new commissioned HMAS Canberra is in the background)
(Fort Dennison  in the middle of the harbour convicts were put on this island in the early days for solitary confinement)
(The Sydney Opera House)
(Circular Quay where the Sydney Ferries operate from and the city behind, in the 1960's the AMP building third from left was the tallest building in Sydney)

We left there and headed to Athol Bay near Taronga Park Zoo and picked up a mooring, they are supposed to be a 4 hour limit but by the time the 4 hours is up it will be near sunset so we will stay overnight.
We watched a lovely sunset and the night lights of Sydney .
(Sydney sunset from Athol Bay)

(Night lights of Sydney)

Friday - 21/03/2014
A beautiful morning on the harbour the ferries starting their runs and other ship movement, earlier before light we awoke to a noise which was a passenger liner arriving with all its bright lights shining across the water.
After breakfast we slipped the mooring and headed for the Spit Bridge with its first opening being 1015 hours.
(Passenger ship arrives early in the morning)

The sun had gone behind the clouds and the wind picked up a little. We were lucky enough to pick up one of the moorings at the bridge to wait out the opening once through the bridge we headed to Sugarloaf Bay and hoped one of the moorings were free. As we went along looking at some of the waterfront homes, they must be worth a fortune. Houses on the lower levers have stairs from the road at the top some have a spiral staircase. They  would have to be very fit people climbing those steps every day.
(The Spit Bridge in Middle Harbour)
(A yacht ahead of use making the approach to the bridge waiting for the green light)
(Our mast as we go through the bridge opening)

We arrived at Sugarloaf Bay and fortunately there was one mooring available the other three were taken. These moorings are 24 hour use times. The bay is very nice, quiet with some homes but mainly National Park Lands. Being Friday a few other boats arrived and anchored overnight. We had a quiet time aboard.
Saturday - 22/03/2014
We headed for the d'Abora Marina by the Spit Bridge, the only marina that had space for us and a very expensive marina at $175 per night. We needed to go into a marina to give the boat a good clean and so that Nancy's sister could visit us. They do provide a good service at the marina there were two young men waiting to help dock us and the person in charge was very helpful.
As soon as we settled I started scrubbing the boat and Nancy headed for the laundry, we had just both finished as Nancy's sister Marge arrived and we had lunch at the cafe at the marina. Marge left after a couple of hours and I went for a Nanna nap.
Later we went for a walk and called into Plonk Beach Cafe, (don't know what attracted me to the place), we sat and had a refreshing drink a nibble of sour dough bread and balsamic and olive oil before heading back to the boat for dinner.
Sunday - 23/03/2014
We had breakfast whilst listening to Macca on Australia All Over had showers and got ready to be picked up by two lovely friends, John and Kim Chong at 0900 hours. They had offered to pick us up and take us shopping and then we were going for lunch.
They arrived and after hellos as we have not seen them for 4 years we headed for Chatswood shopping centre, we got the shopping done and went back and unloaded it on the boat then we set off for lunch, Kim had picked out a Tai Restaurant for lunch which was very nice, we chatted and caught up with the times. After lunch we went to John and Kim's home, they have this large unit on the edge of The Rocks area and from their 23 floor you can see the harbour up towards Cockatoo Island, the bridge and the Luna Park and where the passenger liners berth at Circular Quay. The units have their own gym and swimming pool on the second floor, very nice.
(Lovely couple John and Kim where we had lunch at a Thai Restaurant) 
(Pictures of The Rocks area as we walked to the Orient Hotel for dinner)
(Eating again with John and Kim they organised dinner at the Orient Hotel)
(The old and the new in The Rocks, John and Kim's unit is on the 23rd floor)
(The night view from John and Kim's unit)

Kim and John had also organised to go out to dinner and took us along to The Orient Hotel in The Rocks which is a splendid old hotel. We had a great dinner and after went back to John and Kim's for coffee before returning on board. Thank you John and Kim for a wonderful day and spoiling us.
(Nancy and I having our photo taken by John on the north shore)
(HMAS Sydney WW1 Memorial)
(The old dock areas being converted to units)
(Another view of Sydney)
(Sydney Opera House from the north shore)
Monday  - 24/03/2014
We had some time before we could go as the bridge opening is at 1015 hours during the week that is the earliest time, so we filled the water tanks rinsed the boat off and did last minute things and had a shower before leaving. At 1015 hours  we went through the bridge and headed out to Sydney Harbour Heads and turned north.

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