Saturday, June 9, 2012

Newry Islands - 09/06/2012

(First light over the Outer Newry Island)

(View from Newry Island lookout)

(Last light, this was the sky that we had yesterday, first light at top and this last light)

We are staying at the Newry Islands until Monday now after looking at this morning's weather charts, it looks like it is going to be a little windy at the outer islands. 'Neriki ' and 'Forever Dreaming' left here yesterday morning for Brampton Island as they have not been there before where we have been a few times. Talking to them this morning they are alright but the anchorage is a little rollie.  This is another reason we are staying here the Newry's are well protected and they are so close to the mainland that the wind speeds are less. The higher wind speeds are generally out at sea and at the moment there is a strong wind warning issued.
(The beach at the old resort site on Newry Island)

The Newry's are very attractive place and offers a good area to walk and socialise for visitors or passing yachties the National Parks have a camping ground here that would require a permit from them to use the area there are toilets and a rain water tank but no showers , no fires are permitted although we have seen evidence of one so gas BBQ would be necessary, there are plenty of tables and seats to have meals or sit and chat.  Jill Knight who we met at Island Head wrote an article about the Newry's and this can be read on the net website

(Michelle, Nancy, Gary, Mercedes and Rick - Rick brought his gas BBQ ashore and we had a great lunch with a few refreshments)
(Concertina Rock, SE corner of Outer Newry Island)
(Pied Oyster Catchers)
(I think this is a Polychaete Marine Worm, it was beached so I picked it up with a dead leaf and put it back in the sea)
(There were lots of butterflies on the walk but they were all yellow except this white one)

Yesterday we went ashore to get a couple of coconuts, Nancy wanted the milk and coconut meat out of them my part was to get the stuff out. I have seen this done by a Vanuatu native at the cultural centre he hit the coconut on a sharp stick and that partially peeled a section of the nut outer skin then he grabbed that in his teeth and peeled the husk completely from the nut. I know what you may be visualising, no I did not try this. I had a hammer, chisel, screwdriver and hacksaw. I am sure the guy in Vanuatu got the coconuts whilst the outer husk was still a little green not dry and aged like these ones.

My first method was to hacksaw the top off the husk then a couple of cuts down the sides and peel the husk from top to bottom with the screwdriver, the second one I found easier to do by cutting the top of the husk off one cut down the side and then with the screwdriver peel from that cut around the circumference. it was a lot easier this way. Things we do to keep the little woman happy.
(This was the first attempt successful but bloody hard work)
(The second method was easier but you would not want to do too many at one time, thats why I threw the other four Nancy had lined up in the bush, maybe do a couple tomorrow when my fingers and shoulders feel less pain).

Well that's about all I have we are just relaxing, reading and playing with the photos we have taken.



  1. In 1989 and 1990, I lived on Newry Island and I ran it for Willie Litz who was then working elsewhere on the mainland doing earth-moving work; mainly around the Qld-NSW border.

    It was quite an adventure for me...and one I've never regretted doing; particularly as a woman, living alone on the was great. I was there the Christmas Cyclone Joy decided to pay a visit the surrounding area...that was an unforgettable Christmas!

    1. Thanks Joy for your comment, it is really a beautiful place. Cheers John