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Cid Harbour and back to Airlie Beach - 29/06/2012

Thursday 28/06/2012

We have been in Cid Harbour since the 23rd and the weather has not been too good. Looking on the met bureau website on the observation pages show that Hamilton Island that's around the corner is getting winds of 28 - 34 knots, here in Cid Harbour we are getting bullets of wind of around 20 knots so we in a good spot. With the winds we have had rain some days just drizzle and quite cool.
(Blast from the past - This is 'Mee Too' Seawind 1000 catamaran the very same catamaran that we ever sailed, we cut our teeth with this yacht it was a charter boat in Rick and Lou's fleet when they had Fraer Island Rent a Yacht)

(One of the grey days in Cid Harbour)

Today however was fine the winds have dropped and many yachts have left and sailed to other areas we did the exciting thing called washing, took the washing machine up to the cockpit and run the generator and did the washing rigged up the clothes lines up forward. We have to make the best out of the good weather to dry the clothes. Afterwards I got the kayak on the water for Nancy and she went off with camera and handheld radio to do some photography and I stayed aboard pottering around and reading. A little while after we went over to the beach in Sawmill Bay.
(One of the small beaches at Sawmill Bay southern end of Cid Harbour)

There was an influx of very expensive motor boats arrived today not sure if it is a club or it is coincidence that they all arrived within an hour of each other but there are a few of them. The motor boats usually mean plenty of lights they always have the blue underwater lights going and usually flood lights out the stern. I think they use all the lights to load their generators up when they are running which is most the time during warmer nights to keep the air-conditioning going.
(A Cid Harbour sunset)

Well this night I think they were out done by a Perry 57 sailing catamaran 'Beachhouse' it had these bright white LED's all around the outside of the salon (front and sides), the mast and rigging were lit up and they had the blue lights on the stern shining in the water, a little over kill I think.
('Beach House' a 57' Perry catamaran a little over kill with the lighting.)

We had a nice cool quiet night, because it is cold out which has been unusual we have not stayed in the cockpit seating area we have moved into the salon so we have watched movies which is unusual for us. A high percentage of nights we sit have dinner outside and afterwards sit and talk, read and sometimes Nancy does some knitting. It is just nice being outside and have the views of that the water brings us. When there are strong winds here many head for Cid Harbour and at nigh it becomes a city of lights, late at night the anchor lights glow and shine across the water.

Friday - 29/06/2012

We were up at first light and I checked what the wind was doing before deciding what we would do. There was 10 knots of wind and looking at the forecast it shows very little wind tomorrow and Sunday so if we want to sail it has to be today. We had our usual cup of tea then breakfast and got ready to get underway. Covers rolled up, mainsail bag unzipped, things secured. There is no wind here at the anchorage so we hoisted the mainsail before weighing anchor. We motored out to the wind and unfurled the genoa (foresail) and shut the engines down. We had a broad reach with an apparent wind of 7 to 9 knots the tide was in our favour as we were going with it so we sailed a slow pace of 4 to 5 knots. It was a beautiful morning hardly a cloud in the sky and the sun shining and flat seas, just the sound of the water rippling along the hulls. This is my type of sailing, I am not a racer I am a cruiser, naturally when we have miles to make it is nice to go a little faster but if it is a day sail there is nothing better than just cruising in good weather. We are heading for Airlie Beach for two reasons one is that the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club is having a social event at Hogs Breath Cafe on Sunday and I want to help Rick on 'Neriki' to put his sails back on once they are repaired which he was hoping for them to be ready today but they won't be finished until Monday.

(Sailing past South Molle Island, this is a beautiful island manly national park however, it does have a resort although it is not fully operational. Unfortunately the place was run down some years back and it needs a major overhaul. There are moorings there which cost $50 per night but thats all you get for your money is the mooring nothing else. I find it cheaper to anchor you can still go ashore and use the walks).
(Daydream Island as it is called the charts show West Molle Island, this place is worth a visit, it is probably better to use a mooring there and also pick your weather as there are strong currents in the channel and can be rough in strong winds. The moorings cost $55 per day/night and you get the use of the facilities on the island including showers, toilets, swimming pools. It has cafes and dinning areas, as we sailed past there was a naval landing craft anchored to the north of the island, I dipped the ensign as we went past but it went unnoticed. One dips the ensign (flag) as a salute to a senior ship).

We anchored outside the marina which most people do because of the prices they charge in there. They are not very smart, the marina is half empty and will stay that way whilst they charge what they charge, the place is in receivership and they still do not learn.
(Sunrise over Pioneer Point)
Well it was a great day today, the night is cool, but another good day tomorrow.


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