Friday, August 31, 2012

Continue of Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club at Monte's

As promised more photos of the SICYC weekends party.

(This is a short video of the Pirates Party held on the Sunday it was well attended even though many yachts left this morning, many heading for Airlie Beach as they may have to go to work of fly out tomorrow, the party is held at the Dingo Beach Hotel some 20 minute drive. People with cars and a couple of small buses were available to take us and bring us back)

(Yours truly with his wench Nancy)
(Frank, Jane, Sussan, Mark me and Carolyn before we left Monte's to go to Dingo Beach)
(Linda and Mike, great couple lots of fun)
Mike with a very Welsh sence of humour, saw a mate with bushy eyebrows, Mike said to him that he used to have bushy eyebrows just the same but he used to lick them with his tongue, he said it entertained the ladies they used to get a little excited but it ruined his eyebrows.
(Susan< Kathy, Linda and Mike)
(Susan, Lynette and my wench Nancy)
Susan and Mark)
(The hardest worker for this weekend Brian who is a local in the area, here he is with Lynette and Susan, he stated he didn't think he had as bigger smile on his face on his wedding day)
(The two sets of twins, well in dress anyway)
(The wenches out in force, showing a little leg)
(Stuart was the winner, centre left, second year in a row and in a different outfit, well done he looked the part)
The turnout was very successful with over 400 members at the main event and 140 yachts/boats, plus the people that drove or flew in from all over the country. Again what pleases me is that with that number of people and I would not like to guess how much beer, wine or spirits passed the lips there wasn't a bad word said through out the event. There are many workers for the events and too many to name a few stand out more than most but the one bloke that is the best is the local bloke Brian. I like his attitude, he states that he never looks at any situation like some do of the half empty glass he always looks at it has being half full. He is always smiling and happy probably a little more with the two wenches above.
Thanks Brian.

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