Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club at Monte's

(Monte's Resort, home of the SICYC)

Monday - 27/08/2012

Well the first day at the anchorage with 20 other boats and during the day the amount was growing with many that we know and some that we don't this was to be the trend for the week some boats arriving on the big party day which was the Parrot Head Party on Saturday making the total number of boats of 140, last year there were 80 boats. On the Friday we had the picnic day on Shag Islet with a total of 350 people attending this is well over the 260 people that we had last year.
(Gloucester Passage, 180 degree view from the beach at Monte's, Shag Islet is the small island in the centre also known as Passage Island)

(Shag Islet)

People have come from all over Australia and a large number did not bring their boats they flew in or drove here all the places of accommodation were fully booked out and also the campground where people used tents or caravans.
(Gloucester Passage sunrises)

The events started on Thursday with the meet and greet at sundowners this year with a singing artist that went for many hours and the dancing and drinking started. Some of the members worked hard Susan and Mark off 'La Scandell' worked many days taking new memberships applications amongst other things. Nancy was the official photographer so I did not see much of her, I also helped with being runner for the raffle draw and selling the wrist bands for the Parrot Head Party and also doing a little photography.

Prior to the Parrot Head Party we had George and Maree's wedding (off yacht  ' Warpdrive')on the beach, Nancy and I were the photographers for that, all our services were given free. George and Maree are a great couple and after their long engagement of around 30 years they thought they would tie the knot.
(Maree and George have been together for many years and have now got married)

Following the wedding everyone assembled on the beach in front of Monte's for the clubs group photo this year it was taken from the air with Nancy and Mark flying in a helicopter. I covered the ground photos for that time.
(The SICYC Group photo with the Hogs Breathe Cafe blow up hog behind as they are our major sponsor )
(The group photo from the chopper taken by Nancy)
(Ken and Rhonda, the founders and workers of our club)
(Lord and Lady Canning, yes for real Greg and Lou)
(This is Stuart)
(Brian and Annette)
(Lynette and Trevor, Trevor was the sponsor of our major item in the auction)
(Susan, Maretian & Mark, Mark and Susan are our hard workers and have donated quite a lot to SICYC towards our charity)
And the winner is (of the best dressed) Daryl from Raby Bay)
Many people dressed up for the party and it was a great night good music, good food and good people. The raffle prizes were drawn and there were many of them with some great prizes, one item was a fully paid for charter catamaran for the period of this clubs turn out next year. The raffle draw was followed by the auction of other items with the main item being worth $9,500 for a charter boat for Lan Cowie Malaysia with the bidder paying $9,400 for. This is how generous some people are as all the money goes to Prostrate Cancer Foundation, so basically the person that bid that much for it was really giving a donation and getting something nice for it. It was a top night with over $27,000 raised for the charity.
(The parking lot, 140 yachts means 140 dinghies)

Sunday it was the day of the Pirates, we were taxied to Dingo Beach Pub some 20 minute drive where the Pirates Party was held. There were many well dressed pirates and wenches at the party. Another great day and the club ended up with the $30,000 to give to the Prostrate Cancer Charity.

It is now Monday and we did intend to sail today, however, we do not have any decent wind to sail by so we will stay another day.
(There will be more photos of our mad weekend in the next couple of days)


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