Sunday, November 24, 2013

Apollo Bay

Friday - 15/11/2013

Up very early and set off at 0400 hours, going out of Port Fairy in the dark we had to follow our track on the chart plotter because once we were away from the buildings you could not see anything in the river.
As we cleared the port entrance we hoisted the mainsail and unfurled the headsail, it was going to be a long day with 82NMS to sail and again the wind direction was not that kind to us it was often necessary that we had to have an engine because the wind was just off the close reach to on the nose.
The coast line was incredible, some of this coast is where the Great Ocean Road nears the Twelve Apostles, the coast was beautiful.  As we rounded Cape Otway and Franklin Point the wind back off completely and we dropped the mainsail and a little while later furled the headsail and started both engines and motored the rest of the way.
(Rugged but beautiful coast)
(Cape Otway)
(Cape Otway Lighthouse)

(Approaching Apollo Bay)

Nancy had contacted the Harbour Master by phone and he had given us directions to get in the port, the entrance is silted up because of the constant easterlies they have had this year. So instead of following the leads we had to line up the centre of the entrance with the centre of the boat ramp and enter on that line. Taking this line got us in but there was one area that was very shallow.
After entering the marina area we had to go further and tie up at the dockside as there was no room in the small marina, a short time Banyandah came in and they said they entered and the depth gauge showed that there was no water under them at the entrance.
(Alana Rose alongside the dock)

After we got settled Phil came down to book us in and for us to pay our fees. This was followed by Angela and Alison arriving, (Angela is one of Nancy's daughters), they now live at Colac some 60kms drive. After all the hugs and kisses hello, the girls went for the take-away pizzas and red wine for dinner. We had a good night and good feed, the girls stayed the night and we all went into town the next morning for breakfast.

Saturday - 16/11/2013

We all worked into town for breakfast at a small cafe, with more chatting over breakfast them we returned on board, Ange and Alison spent time with Nancy going through some of the photos of the trip whilst I borrowed Ange's car and Glen and I did a fuel run with our containers to the garage and back.
After this they had to get back home as Ange had an assignment she had to finish for her studies in Marine Science Management, doing studies and working keeps her very busy.
Glen and Nigel moved their yacht to the marina after another monohull had sailed. The marina actually has a public dock that will fit two yachts and like most marinas they do not advertise these. I am not sure about here but in some states marinas have to provide a public dock, they do not advertise these they do not even put a sign up. The public dock here is between fingers.
The afternoon was spent getting the boat sorted ready for sailing re water and fuel, then the boys came over for sundowner's which went till near midnight, but a good night was had.

Sunday - 17/11/2013

We had planned a walk to town at 1000 hours to go to the market and have a look around followed by lunch, Nigel came with us and Glen followed a little later. The farmers market was quite small but they did have some good produce there. We had a walk around town and had coffee then Glen joined us and we headed for lunch and discussed the plan on leaving.
(Apollo Bay from the harbour)
(Wooden carvings in the park)

(Apollo Bay Harbour)
(The slipway and Seafood Cafe on the hill)
(One of five resident geese in the port)

I suggested that we leave at 0100 hours being high tide, Glen preferred to leave an hour before high tide just in case they did ground at the silted area they have water coming in that would lift them off. So we agreed we leave at midnight having 205NMS to go to the Tamar River and the Beauty Point Marina, this would be two nights at sea.
(We will have the moon with us tonight sailing)
After lunch we returned on board to get organised so that when we got up after a possible sleep we could get going straight away. We had a couple of beers for sundowner's early dinner and tried to sleep.


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