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Kangaroo Island

Thursday - 31/10/13
Up before first light so we could get away as dawn was breaking, we have 55NMS to Snug Bay at Kangaroo Island, it was again some sailing some motor sailing, but we did sail most of the way.
As we approach I find it is an unusual island with high cliff faces and hills with visible farm lands, there are sheep stations here. Somewhere I have a friend on the Island that Kelly and her husband purchased a sheep farm here, they used to own the Mataranka Hotel. Kangaroo Island is Australia's second largest island the first being Tasmania. Although some rugged rock faces beyond that are green rolling hills with houses scattered along the way some being farms others may be holiday houses.
We arrived at Snug Bay first, Nigel had suggested this anchorage as he saw an article in a magazine with a bit of a write up on how good it was. It is quite small and as we entered we noticed four moorings, we picked up the heaviest looking one and checked out the place. The mooring was not good enough for our size and weight of boat and I could not see that the two boats would have enough room to anchor between the four moorings so we dropped the mooring and left. We radioed 'Banyandah' and let them know.
(Entering Snug Cove)
(Leaving Snug Cove, hard to see but there are two moorings there and two more over the other side)

We had to research another anchorage that would give protection against the winds from NE and we all decided Hawke's Nest would be the place. It was another 10NMS , it was a good anchorage, clear blue water sandy bottom and good holding in 4 to 6 metres of water. There was a nice white sand beach there although the swell was breaking on the beach which prevented us landing a dinghy. There were three homes close by but only one appeared to be occupied.

(We passed Snellings Beach on the way, would be a very nice anchorage for anything from the SE to SW, but not for the NE we expect to get)
(Hawkes Nest anchorage)
(Banyandah next to us facing NE as you can see good protection)

We watched a great sunset and then had dinner before another early night as we needed to leave early in the morning for American River.
(A great sunset with planes jet stream heading west and the bird that flew passed)

Friday - 31/10/2013

Set off at first light beautiful morning although a little cold, there was mist coming out of the rocky shores as we passed and the sun started to rise. The island is very beautiful I could not get over all the rolling grassy hills. It is 36NMS to American River and it was a motor sail day with hardly any wind, the calm before the heavy winds predicted over the next few days.
(A cool misty morning as we leave Hawkes Nest)
(The sun rises hopefully will warm up)

At 0715 hours Carol from American Radio came on air with the weather on channel VHF 21, after the weather she asked if any boats wished to log on, we called up and logged on, she told us that she had organised moorings for both boats and gave us the details. She said she was looking forward to meeting us.
We arrived at American River, 'Banyandah' was ahead of us and entered first, Carol had said when entering the channel to stay 15 metres off the port markers but no more than 20 metres and we followed those instructions with the shallowest point being around 3 metres at half tide.
Our mooring was the large one on the port side as we entered the harbour, we noticed that it did not have a rope attached to pull up on deck. Nancy tried to pick the mooring up with the boat hook but it was too heavy and she got the boat hook caught and had to let go and the boat hook floated away. As we arrived the wind had also kicked in and the inflow tide was strong making things a little more difficult. We then tried to get the mooring alongside the back step and feed a rope through it, the first stage was a success but we could not hold the boat in position with the wind and tide so had to abandon that. By this stage we were entertaining people ashore and then Glen called on the radio and said they would come over in the dinghy and feed a rope through for us.
Once secure we heard a bloke call Carol on the radio stating he had run out of fuel just outside the entrance, Carol did not know we had already entered and said there are two yachts coming in soon they may be able to help. We called Carol and said we were already in and just picked up the mooring. Carol put a call out for anyone else that could help without result, I spotted a small motorboat going passed so I yelled out and asked if he could help and he agreed to take a container of fuel that I supplied out to the stranded boat.
A little later the boat came in and Carol drove down to the boat ramp and collected my fuel container and money for the fuel from the bloke. She called us on the radio and explained that there is dinner at The Shed on Fridays and invited us along, meals are cheap and there is a bar. She said she would pick us up at 1800 hours. We relayed the invite to Glen and Nigel and I added that I heard Carol talking on the radio this morning before we spoke to her and it was her birthday.
Glen had a present for her and we wrapped a bottle of wine and since Carol said that formal dress at the shed was thongs, (the ones you wear on your feet, just to clear that point up), we also gave her the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club formal footwear thongs.
We gave them to her when we met her at the boat ramp. She drove us to The Shed  which is only a very short walk from the boat ramp and introduced us to the members. We had a fantastic night with a great bunch of people, the meals were excellent. Carol also offered her car for us to use the next day to have a look at the island with the rule being you damage it you repair and fill up with fuel before you bring it back as it is full now and the only other item was be back before 1800 hours because The Shed has take-away food on Saturdays, mainly burgers, steak sandwiches etc.
After a good night we poured ourselves home but the boys came aboard our boat for a night cap which we probably did not really need at that point.

Saturday - 01/11/2013

American River history -,_South_Australia

(American River jetty Alana Rose on the right)
(Pelicans and the black swans with their young)

We had a slow start to the day and Carol met us at 1000 hours, we dropped her home and Glen drove us around going to Penneshaw where we had a look around and morning coffee. We noticed a small marina at Christmas Bay, like the camp grounds it is run on an honest basis you stay you pay $30 per night filling out your details and dropping those with the money into a locked box. Penneshaw is also where the ferry comes in from the mainland.
(Christmas Cove Marina)

(The ferry that comes over from the mainland)
(Penneshaw post office and shops)
(On the way back from Penneshaw we climbed the steps of Prospect Hill)
(The view from the hill)
(Nancy coming down)

From there we headed to Kingscote where again we had a look around the tourist sites and then had lunch at the Caltex servo where we got our diesel and Glen got some fresh water. American River residents rely on rain water so you cannot take their water naturally. We also had lunch there Carol said their fish and chips are to die for. I must say it was very nice.
(First pioneers 1836)
(The Bay of Shoals)

We then headed back unloading the fuel and water and Glen  and Nancy returned the car to Carol, whilst waiting at the dinghy for them Nigel and I were entertained by a wedding group that had come down to have photos taken on the Brides Uncle's small wooden yacht.
After getting things on board and tidying up we went ashore for the take-away night, they say take-away but you can stay and eat it there if you wish which we did.
It was a little more on the quiet side tonight I think we were all getting over last night's session and the fact that we had little sleep the night before with the strong winds of around 30 knots and wind against tide starting near midnight causing the boat to swing  on the mooring making load noises when we changed from one direction to the other. It was pleasing to be on a good solid mooring rather than at anchor.

Sunday - 02/11/2013

Today I just had a very quiet and stayed on board,  Nancy and Nigel went ashore to take photos and go for a walk, I cleaned bilges and repaired the step light in the cockpit. The wind was howling and it was cold, the boys came over for sundowners and that was about it.

Monday - 03/11/2013

We went ashore for a walk to the shop had a pie for lunch and took some photos, had another quiet day, sundowners and early to bed we sail for Cape Jaffa in the morning around first light, another overnight run of 120NMS.
(Nancy seated on the Old Salts Yarning Seat at American River)


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