Monday, July 2, 2012

Airlie Beach - 01/07/2012

(Panarama of Cid Harbour, on the right is Hunt Channel with Cid Island to the right of that)


Saturday - 30/06/2012

Saturday morning after breakfast we went ashore to the markets to buy vegies and some meat. The markets here are quite good with quite a bit of variety and entertainment and you generally meet other yachties that are doing the same as us stocking up the yacht plus we always call in to the Grotty Yachty Clothing stall and say g'day to Sandy and Kelvin. They have shirts and other items with nautical themes and the shirts are good quality.
(Airlie Beach markets)

(Sandy at her Grotty Yachty Stall)

When we got back to the boat Nancy unpacked the groceries and I did a water run and filled the water containers so we could wash the sheets and towels that was today's chores. After all the work was done we went over to 'Neriki' as Michelle and Rick had invited us over for dinner, Rick cooked a nice roast pork so we had another good evening on 'Neriki'.
(Airlie Beach)
(Gents toilet at Airlie Beach)

Sunday - 01/07/2012

Time goes by so quickly another month has disappeared. This morning we thought we would be smart and go to the public dock early and fill up with water before others needed to do the same. We weighed anchor and set off to the public dock inside the marina complex when we arrived  there was a yacht alongside. We went close by and asked how long they would be and the owner stated he had a broken anchor winch and needed to stay for repairs but said we could tie up alongside him so that is what we did.

One thing you have to watch when berthing alongside another yacht is to make sure the masts are separated by some distance fore or aft, if you berth with the masts alongside each other there is a danger if the yachts rock from a wave they can clash together causing some expensive damage.

We stayed just long enough to top up both water tanks and the four water containers then we left and dropped anchor just outside the marina wall. The weather predictions are for strong winds again all week so we may be sitting here for a while.

At 1700 hours we went ashore to meet up with the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club members at the Sunday sundowners at the Hogs Breath Cafe which had a good turnout of around 20 people, we caught up with yachties we had not seen since last year and we ended up staying for dinner. It was a good night and a good meal.
(Ken, Rhonda and Nancy at the Hogs Breath Cafe)

Monday - 02/07/2012

I was up early this morning as the winds have arrived and they woke me at 0330 hours so I got up to check all was well re the boat and being awake that did me for any further sleep so here I am tapping on the keyboard.


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