Saturday, July 21, 2012

May's Bay & Bernie's Beach anchorage

Thursday 19/07/2012

We went ashore to explore Bernie's beach today and have a little exercise we had a partly sunny day which was pleasant. This anchorage is good for the current winds which are S-SE 20 - 25 knots. We do get an occasional bullet of wind but less than in Cid Harbour. We also get an occasional small swell creep around the corner but it is not uncomfortable.
(Bernie's Beach looking over May's Bay anchorage)

(East end of Bernie's Beach)

When we got back on board Nancy downloaded her photos and commenced work on them, the sun was reflecting on the computer screen so she put a shield using one of the folding cockpit cushions when the sun set and Nancy was still on the computer, I said jokingly and at the same time moved the cushion, "I don't think you need this now Nancy?" Nancy suddenly jumped, I had knocked Nancy's drink over and it went over the keyboard of the computer. We lifted the computer as to drain the liquid (soda water and lime cordial) then used the vacuum cleaner to try and pick up any remaining liquid, all appeared to be alright.

We had dinner and a quiet night.

Friday 20/07/2012

(Twilight at May's Bay)

Nancy started her computer up this morning but could not sign in as half the keys on the key board are not working. Bugger!!!! I tried a few things but with no result. I was going to replace this computer at Christmas, it looks like I have to do something a little sooner. Another major point is if Nancy is out here all weekend not being able to work on her photography I don't think it would be a good place to be, so for self preservation I had better buy her a knew computer.

We chose this anchorage for the protection against the predicted winds and today the winds predicted are 20 -25 knots and the tide is coming in so the waves in the Whitsunday Passage will be standing up. I said to Nancy we had better sail back to Airlie and get you that new computer. So we got ready to sail, we secured everything as we will rock a little with a beam on sea as we cross the passage.

We weighed anchor and headed out  under headsail as the wind will be slightly after on the port side and with the beam on standing sea it will cause the boom to slap and shake wind out of the mainsail if we used that.
(This video was the result of Nancy using my little Olympus camera, she took lots of small vids and I have produced it by rearranging all the clips and joining them. The video does not identify the roughness of the sea what was in our favour was that we angled slightly so the sea was not on full beam.)

As soon as it turned 0900 hours I phoned Harvey Norman Store, I had already checked around for a suitable computer on the net and they had a good one on special, fortunately for me they had one left in stock and Mark the manager put it away for me. We dropped anchor outside the north wall of Abel Point Marina for a short dinghy ride into 'A' dock secure the dinghy and walk to town to catch the bus to Centro Shopping Centre. We arrived at the shop and met Mark the manager and Jason the computer technician. Jason used a program to delete the password so Nancy could get into the computer to check she had everything backed up on her external hard drives, we also purchased a cheap key board so that the computer may still be used.

We then had a bite of lunch before catching the bus back to Airlie and return to the boat, as soon as we returned we hoisted the dinghy and got ready to sail back to May's Bay. The wind had dropped down to around 15 knots so we hoisted the mainsail and then unfurled the headsail and shut down the engines. The chill factor with this wind from the SE was not good, the sun was shiningbut the wind went right through you.
(Sunsets over the mainland from May's Bay)

We got back to the anchorage to find more yachts and power boats anchored so we had to anchor out a little further than before. We had a nice dinner watched a video before going to bed.

Saturday - 21/07/2012

Nancy got breakfast before starting the day of setting up the new computer which will take some time so it looks like the little generator will be working today.

Two of the other yachts left this morning so we moved closer into the shore and re-anchored. The winds have kicked in again so we will be staying here for a few days.


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