Sunday, July 29, 2012

Whitsunday Islands

Sunday 29/07/2012
We are currently anchored at May's Bay and may stay for a few days.

Just a few more pictures taken during the last few days.
(Sawmill Beach at low tide Cid Harbour, the rocky section from the left is the main creek that comes down from Whitsunday Island Peak catchment area and flow quite well during large rains, it continues to trickle many weeks after rain. The land mass in the centre is Cid Island)

(Blast from the past - this is the creek at Whitsunday Island in flood this was taken 2 yrs ago in the month of October, I often when anchored in Cid Harbour for a lengthy period collect water from the creek as it is usually trickling and use it to wash the boat)
(Dugong Beach, this beach is in the northern end of Cid Harbour it offers basic camp ground facilities but I think you require a National Parks permit. Many small boats like tinnies come over from the mainland during holidays and weekends and camp here and then go out fishing)

(One of the common lizards seen here are the Eastern Water Skink, this one froze in this position hoping by not moving we would not see it)

(A Lace Monitor/Goanna, this one has come from the shade to warm in the sun it went towards a stone that had been warmed in the sun and just laid down and rested it's head on it)

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