Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Airlie Beach - Whitsundays

Saturday 07/07/2012

The weather is not the best at the moment last night and most of the morning we have had high winds and drizzle rainfalls. Wind speeds at Hamilton Island are around 30 to 34 knots SSE to SE. I feel sorry for the people that are here for the school holidays as the winds have been strong all week which really whips up the seas in Whitsunday Passage and restricts the amount of anchorages that you can safely go.

I must say that where we are offers the best protection during these winds as the mainland gives protection, we are not experiencing the winds that Hamilton Island are getting, we still get bullets of wind from time to time but probably not what we would be getting in places like Cid Harbour.

These winds will remain until around the middle of next week and before then they are turning easterly so we may have to look elsewhere for cover.

Needless to say we are not doing much. Thursday I went to the doctors to get checked for sun spots as part of the melanoma problem I had and had a few sun spots hit with the nitrogen spray, the one in the middle of my back felt like a hot knife going in. This doctor when she uses that stuff makes sure she does a good job. I had one on the back, one on the hand and three on the face.

Yesterday when the wind took a short break we went ashore for a walk to the Whitsunday Shopping Centre to pay my RANSA (Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association) membership. RANSA accepts membership of any service, Navy, Army and Air Force  service personnel or ex-service personnel. The club is actually situated in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney Harbour.

When we returned I had a couple of repair jobs to do as you do when you own a boat.


Tuesday - 10/07/2012

(Sunset from our anchorage outside of the Abel Point Marina)

There is little to scribble about the weather has been lousy it has been constantly windy and the last couple of days we have had rain so we have done very little other than go ashore during breaks in the weather for a walk to get some exercise. The rain is here for a few days but the wind starts to drop off tomorrow. We are thinking of going over to Hamilton Island Marina around Friday for a few days to give the boat a wash and have a look around the island. Hopefully we may get something to write about then.


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